Virtual Land

Land owners can create high quality spaces using Unreal Engine and host premium web3 experiences and live events for worldwide audiences.


Optimized for live shows

Avatar interoperability

On- and off-blockchain

High-end graphics

Use Unreal Engine Editor to create high-end spaces for the metaverse. No compromise, no restrictions. Pure Unreal Engine.

Same quality in browser and high end gaming pc

No need to install any app. All your audience needs is a fast and stable internet connection to visit and play any Yabal space in web browser. For gaming enthusiasts Yabal can also be used locally on Windows computers.

Ready for mind-blowing live-animated performances.

Yabal supports motion captured avatar animations to let performance characters shine in the metaverse. They can be controled using  motion and facial capture technology in real-time to create extremely authentic avatar animations. The animation data is broadcasted to the audience in-game in real-time. Perfect for live shows, concerts, presentations and more.

Supported motion capture systems

Welcome the entire metaverse in your space.

Audiences can visit your Yabal space with their own avatars. ReadyPlayer. Players can import their own .glb file to play they character in the world. It’s also possible to create custom avatars for your space. As NFT collection or off-chain.

Brand experiences

Entertainment experiences

Corporate experiences

Build your own metaverse space now.

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