Our story

We are Yabal, a group of musicians, event organizers, and game developers. We had a crazy idea: what if artists could perform live in a video game? And not just pre-recorded, but live and interactive.

When we saw pre-recorded concerts in games like Fortnite, we were really impressed. But for most artists this is not achievable as not everyone is Travis Scott. Also these concerts are pre-recorded and not live, lacking authenticity and don’t allow the artists to build real relationships with the audience. So, we started building. We wanted artists to control their avatars in real-time during the concert, so we built technology using motion capture and broadcasting tech.

We renamed our concerts "VIBEs" and started working on adding gameplay. That's where we are now - working hard to make Yabal not just a place to watch concerts, but a place to play, have fun, and discover new music. This is just the beginning for us, and we're excited about what's coming next.

Each week we host VIBES and invite players to test new features and gameplay with us.

Join our community

If you like music and games Yabal is for you! Join our community and help us make Yabal a great place to discover music and play with friends.