Yabal Pass

With one of 5.555 Yabal Pass utility NFTs on the Polygon blockchain you will get full access to all Yabal shows forever.

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About Yabal Pass

The Yabal Pass is the first utility token we make available to the public. We thought it's much better than just selling tickets for Yabal concerts and shows. Why? Well with a ticket you just get access to the show(s) but you can hardly sell it again.

As Yabal is in its infancy right now we want to thank you all early adopters beeing interested in our world and live shows. Therefore we decided to issue an NFT collection as a utility token giving access to all shows in Yabal forever. And as it is an NFT it can easily be traded on OpenSea and other marketplaces. It's priced at 60 MATIC (private sale) and 100 MATIC (public sale) which is a decent price for just one concert series consisting of 8 live concerts in Yabal. As a lifetime pass it gives the owner access to all upcoming shows forever - as long as you hold it in your wallet.

When Yabal has grown up and shows become pricy and limited, demand for these Yabal Passes will be huge. If not you got a good price for 8 concerts.

Last but not least, it's a micro-investment in Yabal's idea and world. So if you decide to mint one, we say THANK YOU!

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 Perks & Benefits Roadmap

We will use the funds from minting Yabal Pass to get more artists playing live shows in Yabal and to improve the experience for Yabal Pass holders over time.

May &

Season One

8 artists, 8 live shows. Only for holders of a lifetime pass. 


VIP space

Launch of an exclusive Yabal space for lifetime pass holders. 


Super power  

Every Lifetime Pass owner will have special avatar capabilities.


Prime Drop

Whitelist for Yabal's first 3D avatar NFT collection private sale. 


Season Two

12 Live shows played by artists and bands with up to 4 characters. 

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Yabal shows are live and avatar-only. No pre-animated stuff. No 360 video. We have the artists performing live as avatars using motion capture technology.


Join our discord server to learn more about the project, get the latest news first and get a chance to get whitelisted.