A virtual world where you meet like-minded friends to play and hang out, whilst artists perform live shows as avatars.

Create an event space

Start your own high fidelity 3d space to host live shows with artists as avatars and let your community have fun together through play.

Gamified live experience

Yabal is the open world playground where artists and fans engage in new gamified live experiences.

Play & vibe

Yabal playgrounds are fueld with VIBE, the magic force players extract to obtain superpowers for their characters during events. But VIBE is volatile. To make the most out of the experience artists and fans collaborate to create VIBE.


Yabal is expanding with new maps designed for gamified live events   developed by talented game developers.

Come with your own avatar

Create or use your Ready Player Me avatar to quickly enter Yabal experiences.

Collect & own

A completely new and gamified way for fans to support communities, artists and creators and own a piece of their success.

Founders Edition Pass

Become founding member and get your unique 3d avatar with super powers and free access to any event on the platform for a lifetime.

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