Celebrate Diversity and Music with Yabal: The Upcoming Pride Vibe Event

July 20, 2023
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Yabal is thrilled to announce the upcoming PRIDE VIBE event, an exhilarating experience of music, gaming, and celebration of diversity. Mark your calendars for Friday, July 21st at 6.30 PM CET to join us in this unique event.

We are honored to feature a live performance by the outstanding GodXXX Noirphiles and SCORPION YXY. Prepare to be captivated by the beats and rhythm as you join other players in aiming for the highscore. This isn't just a concert, but an interactive, gaming experience, truly embodying the ethos of Yabal.

This memorable event is a part of the Berlin-Beijing Twin Cities Digital Pride organized by Choice, a celebration of love, diversity, and music that transcends geographical borders. It's not just about listening to music, but about being a part of a global community, uniting under the universal language of melody and harmony.

So, get ready to join us on this unforgettable experience, a journey of color, sound, and virtual camaraderie. Click the link in our bio to visit the streams of all the metaverse platforms participating in the digital pride. Together, we can celebrate love, diversity, and music. Don't miss out!