The ultimate gaming concert experience with Arma G Don.
2023-09-20 6:00 pm
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Prepare for an epic in-game concert and game experience like no other, with the one and only Arma G Don at the helm! Gear up your avatar, get in the zone, and jump into the Vibe.

Get ready to groove as Arma G Don lights up the virtual stage with some never-before-heard tracks. Equipped with a motion capture suit Arma G Don brings the in-game avatar to life, moving and performing in real-time. So join the fun, be part of the Vibe, and immerse yourself in this exciting new world of gaming and live music fusion!

2023-09-20 6:00 pm

About the artist

Arma G Don

Daniel Mejía AKA Arma G Don was born and raised in Coslada. He started making music when he was about 11 years old, cross his teenage playing Death Metal.  He knew what rap was about but just started when he was 20 years old.In his lyrics he talks about mental health issues and the fight against them.


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