Yabal got wings

November 29, 2022
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It's this time of the year when everyone is just waiting for a good time with family and friends. Everything becomes a little bit more magical and so is Yabal. We have been working on our first superpower and guess what... yep... it's wings.

If the Yabal space is filled with enough VIBE you can unlock this first superpower for your avatar and fly for 20 seconds. Your character is emitting particle effects that can light up the artist avatar for instance. So we hope to see you all flying aroung the giant artist avatars now :)

Wait... what is VIBE? VIBE is our venue energy. Every Yabal space has VIBE. It's a power that is volatile. The more activity by players and artists the more VIBE. If VIBE is low there is no super power and other special elements and features. If VIBE is full or at least loaded enough it feeds players and artists with incredible superpowers.

Wings is our first (... and yes a bit obvious) superpower. But stay tuned. We have so many more ideas to improve your experiences in Yabal.

If you want to test your wings, you can join our free public events on Wednesdays at 7pm UTC.

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