Yabal is the gamified virtual world for your live show. Perform live as avatar and offer your fans a unique gamified and social experience.

Live concerts
Comedy shows
eSports events
Fashion shows
Talk shows

Unite your global fan base in a social metaverse experience

Elevate your digital livestream by offering your fans a fun and interactive experience

Impress with PC quality graphics even in browser


Here are some of the artists and music brands using Yabal for their virtual live show.


Yabal offers a vide range of options when it comes to performing live as avatar. You can control your character with your keyboard during the show, trigger pre-recorded animations, use a motion capture suit to control the avatar with your body, use iPhone to track face and head or use optical tracking systems such as Optitrack to create AAA quality animation for your digital character in real-time during the show.

Supported technologies

Gamified live show.

Your audience can come with their own avatar from readyplayerme and enjoy your live performance in a multiplayer game-world with friends and other fans together. Yabal is accessible in browser in HD via gamestreaming and on windows gaming pc for even better graphics in up to 4K. Scale your events to thousands of fans at the same time if you want.


Rent one of the venues built by fantastic 3D creators and studios or build your own space. Elevate your show with stunning visual effects to make your show truly outstanding. 


Yabal Island

AB Concerts


Different avatar styles

You can perform in Yabal with your own Ready Player Me avatar, a custom MetaHuman character or a fully customized virtual human.

Ready Player Me



Sell tickets the way you like

You can use any ticketing platform to sell tickets for your show. You just need to import the ticket bar codes to your Yabal event. Here are some ticket platforms that are working well with Yabal.

Why Yabal?


You can host live shows for thousands of fans at  the same time.

HD in Browser

Your audience joins the show in HD within their browser using their own avatar. Thanks to game streaming your 3D show always looks awesome.

Free for artists

Yabal doesn't charge artists any fee. You can use our mocap equipment in our Berlin based Studio if you don't have access to such a technology.

Get on the list.

If you want to host your own event or show in Yabal, big or small, please fill in the form below to get on the list and download our playbook for more details.

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