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Whether you are a professional game or 3d designer, consumer brand, entertainment company… you can use Yabal to create and publish stunning interactive experiences and assets for the Yabal metaverse in AAA quality. Your audience can experience it in high-fidelity using just a browser without downloading any app.

Industry Standards

Use the tools you know and master such as Maya, Blender, Substance, Unreal Engine to create in Yabal.

Game Streaming

No Download required to access your experiences. A link from your website is enough to let your audience enter your space.

AAA Graphics

As Yabal is entirely built using Unreal Engine and runs on high-end GPUs in the cloud you can achieve AAA quality.


As owner of AAA land you can create your own custom metaverse experience using Unreal Engine Editor and publish it to the Yabal universe. Using Yabal’s SDK you get access to The avatar system and other core functionalities of yabal. With a click your experiences will be deployed in the Yabal metaverse and made available to all players immediately. If you want you can rent your place to other creators.

AAA Live Shows

Live shows in the metaverse are one of the most important use cases in these early days. Live concerts, comedy shows, presentations, fashion shows... you name it. To make these shows outstanding you can use Yabal and make them AAA-like.

Ready for mind-blowing live-animated performances.

Yabal supports motion captured avatar animations to let performance characters shine in the metaverse. They can be controled using  motion and facial capture technology in real-time to create extremely authentic avatar animations. The animation data is broadcasted to the audience in-game in real-time. Perfect for live shows, concerts, presentations and more.

Supported motion capture systems


Bring your 3D creations to live in the Yabal Metaverse as they were designed and intended initially. No compromise. You can use AAA standars for avatars, cloth animation for metaverse fasion and all the material effects that are supported by Unreal Engine.

Use it for your own community or sell your creations.


If you are interested to create in Yabal please fill in the form and we will get back as soon as we can.