Maque Pereyra is a multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin who primarily works in body-based performance and music production. She has worked as a dancer for various choreographers and companies, and later began producing solo work. In 2018, she completed the MA SoDA program at UdK-HZT. Her work has received international recognition and has been presented at various events at HKW, Tanzquartier Wien, Humboldt Forum, among others.In the past years, Pereyra has focused on the healing aspects of dance and movement, and has created Yoggaton, a movement practice that combines Yoga and Reggaeton. Yoggaton encompasses many of the themes that Pereyra's work addresses, including healing, empowerment through pleasure and spiritual activism, decolonial practices, and knowledge production/reflection using the body. In addition to her work as an artist, Pereyra is also a certified yoga teacher and psychologist.

Photos: Pao Lambertin

2023-05-24 6:00 pm

Maque live on Yabal