Judy Mai


Judy grew up in Vietnam, Germany and in the United States. Born in an artistic family in Hai Phong, Vietnam, she soon after moving to Germany, where she grew up and found her voice, inspired by many genres from classical to jazz to pop. She began taking singing lessons at age 10, soon after, performing with gospel choirs and dance groups on a national level. After high school, she spent a couple of years in Orange County, California, living with family and performing in Los Angeles on the weekend. At the age of 19, Judy moved to Hanoi, Vietnam, to study classical and contemporary music. When she returned to Germany, she juggled various jobs to make ends meet and also stayed creative by learning video production. By 2019, she made a bold decision to dedicate herself entirely to her craft. That was just the right propulsion, she needed. As a result, Judy has been invited to perform at live events, and fashion shows, across three continents, she's formed partnerships in Vietnam, Europe, and in California. She has released her debut EP "Metamorphosis" in May 2020. On February 14th, 2021, Judy released her first German single "Vielleicht" featuring B.A.. She's currently producing her second EP, expected to release in 2023. Through her music, Judy seeks to empower herself and others. She’s an advocate for women in business and a supporter of local musicians, artists, and designers. She defines herself as a businesswoman, and value diverse representation in every project.

2023-06-22 6:00 pm