Get Ready for the Yabal OG Collection Launch!

June 27, 2023
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We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Yabal OG Collection, a vibrant set of 5,555 unique 3D characters that will bring your musical escapades to life in the Yabal virtual world. As we countdown to the big day, we'd like to share some important details and insights about what's in store for our amazing community.

The OG Collection: A Blend of Fashion and Functionality

Drawing inspiration from the energetic styles of party and festival scenes across genres like hip-hop, rock, and punk, the Yabal OG Collection is designed to embody the spirit of celebration and self-expression. Each character is not only visually stunning, but also holds exceptional utility for its owners.

By holding a Yabal OG NFT in your wallet, you'll enjoy free admission to every concert within the virtual world. And that's not all - active play during concerts with your OG avatar will reward you with MATIC tokens, enhancing the value and excitement of your gaming experience. With the OG Collection, you're not just getting an aesthetic collectible, but an asset that opens the door to a world of benefits and opportunities.

How to Get Your Hands on an OG

To acquire an OG, you can mint one for 140 MATIC from the official minting website, which is linked in our Discord server. Alternatively, you can purchase an OG from another holder on OpenSea if they are willing to sell.

For those looking to get an OG at a discounted price of 60 to MATIC, you can try to secure a spot on the whitelist for our private sale mint waves. We will announce more details about the private sale mint waves soon.

The Yabal OG Roadmap

As we continue to grow and evolve, the value of the Yabal OG Collection will be driven by our ongoing platform improvements and a strong, dedicated community. Some of the developments outlined in the Yabal OG Roadmap include improved cloth animation for jackets, facial rigging, exclusive artist NFT drops for OG holders, downloadable 3D assets, and more traits that will influence engagement and play-to-earn potential.

Don't Miss Out on the Yabal OG Collection Launch

We can't wait to see our community members diving into the Yabal virtual world with their OG avatars, enjoying concerts, and earning rewards. Keep an eye on our Discord server and social media channels for the latest updates and announcements about the Yabal OG Collection launch. Be sure to mark your calendars and prepare to experience the ultimate blend of fashion, functionality, and fun in the Yabal universe!