Join Yabal as early adopter with your unique founders edition avatar packed with VIBE-energy and free access to any Yabal event.

About the digital collection

The Yabal OG Pass is the first utility and community token we make available to the early backers of Yabal. With a Yabal OG Pass you get free access to all public live shows and can always enter community spaces to hang out with friends, all with your very own high-fidelity fashion avatar fully playable in Yabal.

There are 5555 OG passes that can be minted on the Polygon chain and later traded on OpenSea and other marketplaces if you like.


  • Free lifetime entrance to all public events
  • Cloud gaming access (fair use)
  • Unique 3D avatar playable in Yabal
  • Your avatar always emits VIBE
  • Access to all superpowers
  • ...and more to come


Yes... We will build a yacht for our OG family. The yacht will cruise around Yabal Island all time. With your OG pass you get access to the luxury yacht and can spend time with other OGs. We will project all live shows to the stage in the yacht as well.

Yacht will be available when 50% of the OG passes are minted.

Get your pass

You can mint your pass directly on the Polygon blockchain or buy a voucher via credit card. If you buy the voucher you will be able to redeem the digital item in your Yabal account.

MINT NOWBuy with credit card
100 MATIC @ Polygon blockchain
100€ with credit card

Please note that buying this NFT is a micro-investment in Yabal's idea and world. So if you decide to mint one, we say THANK YOU!

We keep you posted

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