Support emerging artists through play.

Become YABAL OG and play along concerts to earn MATIC. Be part of the experience with your unique avatar collectible and see artists performing live as avatars with human motion every week.

Welcome to OG Season

Welcome to the OG Season at Yabal, a groundbreaking initiative designed to support and showcase emerging artists through live, in-game concerts. Our dedicated OG community, comprised of individuals who own one of the 5555 exclusive PFP avatar NFTs, plays a crucial role in creating unforgettable concert experiences within our immersive game world. By possessing an OG avatar NFT, members gain exclusive early access to Yabal and the opportunity to champion the new generation of talented musicians.

During the OG Season, our community members actively support the performing artists by attending and engaging with live concerts in-game. The unique collaboration between the OGs and the artists not only elevates the in-game concert experience but also fosters the discovery of incredible talents that might have otherwise remained hidden. In appreciation for their enthusiastic participation, OGs are rewarded at the end of each concert, further cementing their invaluable role in the Yabal ecosystem.

Join us on this exciting journey as we revolutionize the live music landscape, celebrate artistic ingenuity, and bring people together through the power of Yabal's in-game live concerts.

OG Benefits

  • Earn up to 10 MATIC per concert for playing along
  • Own unique 3D avatar playable in Yabal
  • Free access to all future events
  • Early access to Yabal
  • Collect Yabal coins
  • Access to all superpowers
  • ...and more to come

How it works

  1. Mint your OG pass NFT (Polygon)
  2. Claim your avatar in Yabal - here is how
  3. Download Yabal launcher (Windows only)
  4. Play along concerts
  5. Receive MATIC in your wallet


Why should I pay 100 MATIC for the OG pass?

Our mission is to allow emerging artists to play live concerts for gamers in a gaming-native environment. You might not now the artist but after the concert you will be a superfan. It happened to all of us in the team and many players attending concerts in Yabal already. That being said, we want to grow an audience of gamers that likes the project, wants to support emerging artists and is interested in music and gaming. Paying the 100 MATIC and getting the OG status means you are part of the family. And you will earn back all the MATIC you invested and more.

If you can't afford to pay the MATIC but still like the project and would like to play along concerts as an OG, you can join Yabal Discord and be active in the community. We drop free OG passes occasionally.

How much MATIC can I earn?

We pay every player up to 10 MATIC per concert. The amount depends on the activity and engagement level of the player during the concert. For instance, if the player is just standing around we pay less. If the player is running around, using the jump pads, dancing and flying around we pay more.

What kind of artists are performing?

At the moment we feature RAP/HipHop artists (single or duo) every week mainly based in Berlin. We will expand the genres over time.

Will there be rising artists too?

Yes, the more our platform matures the more rising and well-known artists we will feature.

What are the technical requirements?

At the moment Yabal is available for Windows PCs running Windows 10 or 11 with a dedicated graphics card (GPU). If you have a gaming PC with a GTX or RTX GPU you will be able to play along the concerts.

Why do I need an NFT to play?

Wa want to let our early community participate in the success of the artists we are featuring. The avatar is part of each live concert the player was playing along. From making screenshots with the artist in-game to being part of the final video footage can add value to the avatar over time. We want to allow our OGs to trade this value at some point. Therefore we decided to use web3 and blockchain technology for this.

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