Start VTubing
in the Metaverse

Stream as virtual 3D character with high-fidelity motion capture and MMORPG spaces for your fans.

Elevate your VTubing career
into the Metaverse.

All you need to start or leverage your VTubing channel and engage with fans.

Your 3D character

We create your custom 3D character or integrate an existing character into Yabal. Anime, cartoon and realistic looking characters are possible at the moment.

Live animation

Your character is fully controllable with motion capture such as suits, smartphone cameras and gloves. We also offer mocap suits to use for you if you don't have any yet.

Your space in Metaverse

Invite your fans to your Metaverse space on Yabal. We offer different environments and grow a community of developers creating more spaces on our platform. All spaces can be influenced by you and your fans if you like which opens up entirely new possiblities to engage with your fans.

Coming soon


We create premium avatar skins and accessories for your fan's avatars. You can drop it in a specific event and your fans can buy it for their avatar and wear it across multiple Metaverse destinations.

Multi Cam

Each space offers up to 6 virtual cameras you can choose from when streaming live to Twitch/YouTube. You can cut the stream in real-time. We also offer a green screen space for character-only streams.

Coming soon

Twitch integration

Let your fans join your space with their Twitch account. Make you space availble only for your Twitch followers. Allow your fans to influence your character and space by cheering on Twitch.

Free for VTubers

VTubers use Yabal for free. We are going to monetize the platform by selling premium avatar skins and collectables to fans, sharing the revenue with creators. 

Lil Happa

Without Yabal I would still rig my character and trying to get the mocap pipeline running. 

Why Yabal

We are building the technologies for Metaverse VTubing, so you can focus on streaming.

Focus on streaming

We have strong experience in building Metaverse applications and live animation mocap.  So you can focus entirely on your content, and we care for everything else.


Metaverse fashion is in its infancy with huge potential. IN your shows you can drop custom avatar skins and collectables for your fan’s avatars and bring your merch sales into a completeley new galaxy. 

Stay anonymous

We understand that privacy and anonymity is fundamental part of VTubing. By leveraging new technologies we make sure you stay anonymous.

Yabal is currently in private beta. If you want to be one of the first creators with your own multiplayer space for your fans, please leave your email.

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