Why do you exist?

Many content creators start streaming as an avatar. But the motion capture technology is still complex, creating good looking and unique 3D characters is also hard and the avatar needs a virtual home to live in. We started Yabal to make the life of virtual streamers easiers to enable them make the most out of their passion.

Are you in closed beta?

Yes, we work with selected creators at the moment. We are adding features and improving the overall experience for creators and fans heavily at the moment. If you sign up as a creator you will be one of the first using the platform.

How do you make money?

We charge creators a monthly fee (see features and pricing here) for using our platform. We also might add paid features for fans in the future. Today, Yabal is completely free for fans. We offer an extended free trial of 3 months for new creators on the platform right now.

How will my character look like?

We can migrate your existing character to be compatible with Yabal. You can also creatr your own character using MetaHuman from epic/unreal engine. You can also hire a freelancer to modify the design of your metahuman character. If you go with the deluce package we build your custom character. Long story short, you are super flexible with your character and we think this is very important. As it is your virtual identity. From anime to cartoon to realistic everything is possible.

Can I use my character somewhere else?

Yes you can. We are not forcing you to stay with us if you don't like our service and technology. If we created your character you paid for it by paying the one year subscription.

Can I stream whatever I want?

Yes, we are not an agency defining your content strategy. If you are planning lewd content please get in touch with us. We will decide per case.

Can I have my own environment?

Yes you can. We offer different environments out of the box. Everything is built with unreal engine. You can create your own environment (unreal engine level) yourself or hire a freelancer on fiverr and host it on our platform. You can also clone one of our environments and modify it.

What mocap hardware do you support?

At the moment we support Rokoko, XSens, Vive trackers and iPhoneX+ for facial expressions. We are working on camera based upper body tracking for close-ups only.

What can fans do on my Yabal space?

Fans watching the animated experience on our website can launch emojis into the virtual world that are visible for all users. Fans attending with their own avatar can freely walk around in the world. They can dress their avatar, let their avatar dance and chat with other avatars that are nearby and more. Up to 50 fans can join on one game-server together.

Can I play and stream other games while using Yabal?

If your hardware is high-end or you have another gaming rig you can stream another game and your Yabal character.

What are the hardware requirements to run Yabal?

Yabal is available for Windows PC only at the moment. You need a dedicated GPU (> GTX 960), i5 processor and at least 8GB ram. When you download Yabal you will be notified if your hardware is sufficient for a smooth experience.

Why can't I see the creator's avatar animating?

You need to open ports for UDP traffic in your firewall. We stream avatar animation directly to your computer and use different ports than traditional games. So please check your firewall settings.

Can I use Yabal with my VR Headset?

Not yet. But we are working on it.