@cesco.blz is a drummer, rapper, and singer living in Berlin.

As a Brazilian and German, he crosses musical genre boundaries and blends his influences in his music. Influenced by artists such as Al Jarreau, Gilberto Gil, Samy Deluxe, and Anderson Paak, trilingualism is embedded in his identity and brings a new perspective to the future of hip-hop.

After several releases in the past two years (singles, music videos, features, and an EP), live performances at the Lunatic Festival Lüneburg, Knust in Hamburg, Badehaus in Berlin, and collaborations with artists like Magro, Leona Leona Berlin, and BMG producer Hybro, his debut album was released on December 10, 2021. With "wavey," he combines his talent on the drums with his sound, creating a new, vibrant, and organic style of hip-hop.

"I am deeply connected to live music, which is why it was important to me to have them played on my album by actual people."

2023-07-04 12:00 pm

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