Consisting of Private Max and Baba Rossa, B-ASPÄRGER devote themselves to the everyday millennial madness: compulsive yoga sessions, bitcoin babble in clubs, improvised and daring road trips as well as exorbitant party mood, which unfortunately erupts at very inappropriate moments. A few gaps in education and a well-concealed half-knowledge can also be seen between the lines. Both met for the first time in 2017 and initially decided to record only one song together. But it quickly became more (sweet). In 2021 her debut album "A matter of taste" was released, which also features artists such as Remo and Bas Santiago. The London-based producer Street Sound (the internet makes it possible), who already produced Private Max, and Baba Rossa (him-fucking-self) are responsible for the brute soundscape. Unfortunately, there are no genre limits on offer. B-ASPÄRGER are currently looking for a "my favorite music playlist" in which they can set it up. Maybe in yours?

2023-01-25 6:00 pm