Our mission is to onboard the world to the Metaverse by creating a high-fidelity game-world with stunning live shows.


Yabal is the rising AAA metaverse world developed and operated by Berlin based tech company Granola Studios GmbH.

Users can use Yabal’s high fidelity virtual world with a web browser or gaming computer and move around freely, socialize, attend live shows and buy into the Yabal ecosystem via metaverse NFT collections.

Yabal consists of 90.000 units of virtual land which is exclusively sold to partners at the moment and will come to Ethereum blockchain later this year. Owners of Yabal LAND can create their own high quality spaces using Unreal Engine to host premium multiplayer experiences such as live concerts, fashion shows, brand showrooms and more.

With Yabal‘s proprietary live animation technology it is possible to host live events with artists controlling their avatars in Yabal in real-time using motion capture suits during the show. This technology is setting the bar for live entertainment in the metaverse.

Yabal will release several NFT collections in the near future on Ethereum and Polygon blockchain to let users buy into Yabal’s ecosystem. Among those is a virtual real estate project called Yabal Tower One offering 1000 high end apartments located at Yabal island. A fashion avatar NFT collection with 1000 unique avatars and a lifetime pass wristband which gives it’s owners lifetime access to all shows.

Meet the team.

A team of rockstar Founders, Entrepreneurs, Software Engineers, 3D Artists, Game Developers and Musicians driven by the idea to bring the world of live entertainmen to the metaverse.


Whatever needs to get done


Clearly sees the matrix


Makes it look beautiful


Tames the Unreal Engine


Speaks the language of the artists


Helps building the unmatched #YabalGang


Here is a sneak peak into our roadmap for the coming months. It's quite packed and wouldn't be possible without the great partners we are working with. Many more cool spaces and experiences will come to Yabal soon.


Island launch

The central entrance point of Yabal will launch.


Lifetime Pass drop

End of May we will drop our first ever NFT collection. The lifetime pass.


Season One

From May-July Yabal hosts it's first concert series. 8 artists will perform live concerts using motion capture tech.


Yabal Prime Genesis

We drop the gensis collection for our upcoming avatar NFT collection Yabal Prime.


eSports arena

First eSports event happening in the new eSports arena.


Alpha Sale  Tower One apartments

First 100 apartments will be minted on Ethereum.


Several NFT projects launch their land space

NFT projects buying land in the private sale phase will launch their spaces.


Furniture showroom

The first virtual furniture showroom opens.


Season Two

Like Season One, but bigger!

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