Festival World MMO

Yabal is the AAA Festival World MMO where real artists perform live as avatars and participants socialize and can play to stand out from the crowd to get a chance for backstage time with real artists.



We are passionate about music and virtual worlds. That's why we are building Yabal, a virtual game-world where artists perform live concerts and shows as avatars and connect with their fans through play.

Yabal shows remove physical limitations, allowing artists to create an interactive performance around their music and unleash new opportunities for the audience to engage with the artists in the digital environment.

Live performances at the core

Real artists (mostly musicians today) perform live shows in Yabal. They control their in-game avatar with their boday during the live show. We use motion capture and revolutionary real-time broadcasting technology to make this happen. Nothing is pre-recorded. All is live. Therefore you could literally have a chat with the artist.


Yabal playgrounds are fueld with VIBE, the magic force players extract to obtain superpowers for their characters during events. But VIBE is volatile. To make the most out of the experience artists and fans collaborate to create VIBE.

Coming soon

Yabal Coin

The in-game currency for the Yabal gaming platform.


Yabal is expanding with new maps designed for gamified live events   developed by talented game developers.

Come with your own avatar

Create or use your Ready Player Me avatar to quickly enter Yabal experiences.

Build your tents on the festival ground

Build your own viewing spot for each show or become a resident and get your own "home".

Founders Edition Pass

Become founding member and get your unique 3d avatar with super powers and free access to any event on the platform for a lifetime.

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Meet the team.

A team of rockstar Founders, Entrepreneurs, Software Engineers, 3D Artists, Game Developers and Musicians driven by the idea to bring the world of live entertainmen to the metaverse.


Leads product and tech


Leads marketing and operations


Technical director


Leads game design


Leads Yabal core developemt


Artist relations

HIgh Level Roadmap


Core technology

Created avatar in game broadcasting tech to allow artists to perform live in game as avatar using motion capture technology


Yabal POC

Created a first concept environment and Win app for virtual live concerts available for gaming PCs


Doing and Learning

Organized more than 100 live concerts with great musicians


Coin Drop Season

While working on the MMORPG we are using the POC to introduce Yabal coins to the community and organize great performances.


Yabal Festival MMORPG

Launch the MMORPG in early access for Win, Mac and mobile

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We keep you posted

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